We have decided to move forward with liquidation, with the aim of dissolving the company on August 31st.

The representative director of RiSER LLC was scheduled to step down by April 1, and a new management team would take over.  We expalined to please join the new management team to 9 people who are a little bit interested in our policy to April 1st. However, we were looking for a successor but could not find one. We considered changing from a limited liability company to a corporation with a new management team, but we gave up on it because we could not find a new management team. In response to this situation, our company has made preparations to change our articles of incorporation, reduced the scale of our business, and renewed our website to continue our activities in April 1st. However, in the meantime, various companies have embraced our philosophy and started working on our behalf. In particular, we received excellent proposals from several companies. The deadline for our company's future vision explanation for the company was April 17th, but we were unable to do so. Therefore, bacause we have decided that our role is over, we will proceed with the dissolution and liquidation procedures in a dignified manner. As a result, this website will be closed. Thank you for your continued support.